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3 China weeks, 2006

I wanted to visit China and learn about the country, so first, in order to find like minded people (and to gain a broader, more recent perspective on research related to work), I chose a technical conference to attend. After that, I found a nine day tour that matched the conference timing well and started to finalize my plans. When I proposed my two week vacation timing at the office, I was then asked if I'd not like to go to Hong Kong for a week, to do some training and make some contacts in the company office there.

The photos below document my journey, partially. The early photos are grainier than later ones, in general, since the film in the camera was over a year old at the time (oops...still had some undeveloped photos from a trip to Disney with relatives). Other photos that seem grainier were taken in low light. I'm really considering getting a digital camera with image stabilization and more auto focus points, since many of the photos did not turn out as well as could be hoped from blurriness or movement (this collection is about 40% of the total number taken); plus young wait staff do not know how to work a film camera (:-) see the dinner photos from the tour's end in Shanghai).